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Hilltown Records

Hilltown Records is an artist focused independent record label committed to providing exposure to truly talented musicians and songwriters. We want to work together with artists to create a platform where everyone involved is treated fairly and artistic integrity is valued above all else. We do not confine ourselves to a single genre as our tastes are incredibly broad, we simply wish to find great music wherever it may come from and promote it to the fullest of our ability.

Hilltown Records is run from Hilltown Studios, our recording studio in Colne, Lancashire. By combining our production and recording expertise with the reach of a record label, we are able to work with artists from the very start of the creative process to the distribution of the final product. This inclusive approach allows us to ensure that everything from the sound of the record to the album artwork and promotional materials form a cohesive whole.

Our Team

Hilltown Records is run by producer/engineer Mat Arnold and professional drummer Keiron Melling. During our time running Hilltown Studios we have had the chance to make recordings with some incredibly talented artists, but in the past our involvement always ended with the delivery of the masters. We realised that we wanted to take an active role in promoting the work that we had created together, and so we started Hilltown Records in 2017.

Creativity and vision is key

At a time when major record labels are taking very few risks on new artists we aim to create an environment in which artists can make and release records that are true to their creative vision. We firmly believe that if a song has the ability to inspire us, it will have the ability to inspire others, and it is our job to ensure that our artists connect with those people.